If I could change one thing about myself I would…
"Have taken up an instrument and stuck with it when I was younger. Violin, piano, guitar - they all lasted less then 2 years."

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Happy birthday to the boy who jumped on a table in the middle of a disney channel audition, the boy who opens an umbrella inside because he's danger, the boy who thought he couldn't grow a mustache, the boy who did the "single ladies" dance better than Beyonce, the boy who plays tambourine like nobody else, the boy who has the most flawless voice, the prettiest smile, the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest heart. The boy who genuinely cares about people and do everything to help. The boy who changed millions of lives, including mine.HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE JONAS.
You mean everything to me, I'm so blessed to have you in my life. You're the most wonderfull person I know, you've helped me through so many rough times, you made me smile, you made me cry, you made my life worthwhile. I owe you everything, my angel. You were only 18 when you came to my life and now that you're 24 I want you to know that I've loved you from the very first day and I'll love you until the last and a little bit longer. No matter what people say, you'll always be in my heart. Thanks for everything baby, I love you.

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meganmullins10Happy Birthday @adamjosephj celebrating with@blahblahblanda

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Happy 24th Birthday, Joe Jonas!

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↳ 104/200 Pictures of Ashley Benson

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